St. Dymphna Rosary marker
St. Dymphna Rosary marker
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St. Dymphna Rosary Marker

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This rosary marker features two red riverstone beads, and has a medal of St. Dymphna attached. The back of the medal reads 'Pray for Us'.

A rosary marker is perfect for those who pray the rosary a decade at a time throughout the day, or for the busy parent who is often interrupted during prayer. It fits on a standard rosary, but also works well on a rosary bracelet.

St. Dymphna is the patron saint of mental health, and mental illness. This rosary marker will remind you to ask her to intercede for you or your loved ones when praying the rosary.

Clasp: 1.5cm (slightly less than 1/2")
Medal: 2.5cm (1")
Length: 4cm (1 1/2")

Please note: Rosary not included.

Please contact me if you would like a custom rosary or have any questions.

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