5 Beautiful books to help your children understand the Catholic Faith

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 5 Beautiful books to help your children understand the Catholic faith

I believe one of the best ways to teach our children anything is to read them books and that each home should have a library of good books available for a child to read at any time. We still borrow a lot of books from the library, but find it  helpful to own the ones that teach our children faith and values, so they are always available. It takes time to build a good home library, and it is not cheap, but it is so worthwhile. Consider buying a book for your children for birthdays and Christmas, and make a wish list for grandparents, so they know which books you don't yet have.

Here are five books we own and love, which have helped teach our children to understand the Catholic Faith. Links are affiliate links, which help us grow our Catholic home library - thank you.


A full colour Catechism in comic book style made with Lego characters - what's not to love? When this book arrived a week ago, three of my children wanted to read it straight away, so we have three bookmarks in it already. Catechism of the Seven Sacraments follows two characters, Fulton and Cynthia, on a biblical adventure as they journey from creation to salvation. Written in comic book style with stunning photographs, it shows the parallels between the Old and the New Testament and explains about the sacraments - all with Lego bricks. I really love the idea of this book, which is sure to appeal to all Lego fans.


Tell me about the Catholic Faith is aimed at 6-7 year olds and is divided into three sections - The Bible, The Christian Faithful (The History of the Church) and The Catholic Faith (The Beliefs and Sacraments). It includes several Bible stories from both the Old and New Testaments and talks about Church history, the saints and the sacraments in a way a younger child can understand. My 6yo daughter and I enjoy reading a couple of pages at a time and discussing what we have read. 


My Path to Heaven is for slightly older readers (roughly 9-12) who are ready to think more deeply about their faith. It is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Each chapter begins with a very detailed illustration in black and white, which helps the child understand what they are about to read. At the end of each chapter are reflection questions requiring a yes/no answer to help your child examine the illustration further and think more deeply about what they have read. This book teaches essentials of the faith and helps children to make these truths relevant in their lives.


The Weight of a Mass is a must have in every Catholic home. It tells the tale of a widow who begs for a scrap of bread from the baker and is refused. She tells the baker she will offer up a Mass for him in payment for the bread. The baker writes "One Mass" on a scrap of paper and places it on his scale to determine how much bread it is worth, and to his surprise he finds that nothing can even begin to move the scale. Beautifully and simply told, with gorgeous illustrations, this book reminds us of the supernatural reality and importance of the Mass.


Written in allegory, Take it to the Queen helps explain Mary's role in our life and how she is a mediator between ourselves and Christ. Instead of focusing on her life, the story tells of Mary's role in our lives during times of hardship. Children can learn how all their needs can be taken to Mary, and she will present them to Jesus on their behalf.

Which books are essential to your Catholic home library?


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