6 ways to use a Rosary Marker

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Since discovering Rosary Markers a few years ago, I have been excited to find new uses for them. I originally made some to put onto my rosary so I don't lose my place when I get interrupted during prayer, but now use them in different ways too. Here are six different uses for rosary markers:

6 ways to use Rosary Markers

1. Most obviously, use one on your rosary in case you get interrupted during prayer. I've lost track of the amount of times I've been in the middle of a rosary, and one of the children has woken up and needed attention. I am able to simply clip the rosary marker on my rosary where I am up to, and continue from the same place when I return. 

St Peregrine rosary marker

2. When you are a praying a novena (or asking a particular saint for intercession for a special intention), clip a rosary marker made with a medal of that saint onto your rosary near the crucifix or centre medal, to remind you to pray for that intention.

St Clare rosary marker

3. Have you heard of sacrifice beads? When St. Therese was young, her older sister Marie gave her a set of beads on which to count the things she offered up to God. I like the idea of using pocket rosary for this purpose and use a rosary marker to keep track of the prayers and sacrifices made for God.

St Michael rosary marker

4. Attach a rosary marker (or a few) to your set of keys to remind you to ask for that saint's prayers when you are out and about. A St Christopher rosary marker is ideal for this as he is the patron saint of travellers.

 St Christopher rosary marker

5. Your purse or handbag isn't complete without your favourite saint attached to the zipper.

 St John Paul II rosary marker

6. For all you knitters out there, how about using a rosary marker as a stitch holder? Perfect!

Our Lady of the Assumption rosary marker

If you would like to buy a rosary marker (or a few - they make a great gift), I have several to choose from in the Marian Graces shop here. If you would like one of your favourite saint but can't see it in the shop, please contact me at natalie@mariangraces.com and I can make you a custom order.


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