Practical Ways to be Pro-Life from Cradle to Grave


 Practical ways to be pro-life

Are you pro-life but sometimes wonder how one person can make a difference? Here are some simple and practical ways you can change lives. Choose one that speaks to you and become a pro-life warrior!


  • Pray for Vicitims of Post-Abortion syndrome.  A Rachel Rosary uses regular rosary beads, with each Hail Mary prayer having a specific intention for someone involved in abortion - the pregnant woman, her counsellor, her doctor, her parents, the father of the child.
  • Pray outside your local abortion clinic. Remember to be kind and considerate.


  • Give your time - volunteer at your local crisis pregnancy centre for a few hours a week.
  • Give a donation to a pro-life cause or your local crisis pregnancy centre.
  • Buy a small item each time you shop, such as baby onesies, singlets or socks, to donate to your local crisis pregnancy centre. Or buy extra food to give to a homeless or women's shelter.
  • Understand why you are pro-life from cradle to grave. Make sure you are able to (nicely) argue your points when challenged.
  • Understand why contraception gives people an abortion mindset, and research thoroughly why contraception goes against God's law. Make sure you can articulate why you believe this so you can share your reasons with others. Read Humanae Vitae by Pope Paul II.
  • Read books regarding natural law, contraception, abortion, abortion survivors. Here are just a few to begin with:


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  • Attend a pro-life rally in your state.
  • Communicate with your local member of parliament about abortion and let them know your views. This is especially important when changes to abortion laws are under consideration.
  • If you are in a position to do so, consider fostering or adopting a child.
  • Sit with a lonely person in a nursing home who doesn't get many visitors. Help them feel wanted and loved.
  • Look after your elderly neighbours. Have them over for dinner, check on them regularly and make sure they are okay.
  • Encourage new mums. Cook them a meal, help with housework, sit with an older child and read to them or help with their homework while mum enjoys her new baby. Hold the baby while mum has a shower or a nap. Most importantly, ask what she needs so you are actually helping her.
  • Start a meal roster at your parish for women who are having a baby, and for those whose family members are ill.
  • Encourage those who are publicly pro-life on social media, such as Save Tiny Humans.


What practical ways to be Pro-Life can you add to this list?


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